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Today progressive organizations are investing a lot of time and money, in developing their employees, through training programs. With the result the Training Manager is expected to have multi-skills to be able to conduct programs on different topics. To compliment this need, Grey Cells© has compiled Trainer’s Kits in a Simple, Lucid and User Friendly manner, making them Fast and Effective. Each of the kits has been personally compiled by Mehul Kuwadia. Each Kit has a Trainer’s Guide and Reproducible Participant Material.

Trainer's Guide Features:

  • Session Overview & Control Sheet
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to conduct the programs yourself
  • Key to Exercises, Games, Case Studies, Role Plays, etc.
  • Ready-to-use slides in PPT format + Hard Copies
  • Topics/Prompts for discussions + Essential points to address
  • Videos of the program as conducted by Mehul Kuwadia, for you to observe and learn at your own pace
  • Supporting Video films
  • Reproducible participant material includes:

  • Hand outs & Reading Material.
  • Exercises, games & case studies etc.


    BASIC OF TA: Introduction to TA. What is TA? Why Learn TA?

    EGO STATES: Critical & Nurturing Parent; Adult; Adaptive, Rebellious, Natural & Creative Child (LP), Development, Contamination & Exclusion of Ego States.

    TRANSACTIONS: Types – Complimentary, Crossed, Duplex & Ulterior.

    LIFE POSITIONS: OK and Not OK Concept, 4 Life Positions.

    STROKES & GAMES: Importance, Types & Uses of Strokes. Structured Time, Games, Trading Stamps.

    MANUAL: contains 11 Exercises, 21 OHP Masters, 2 Assessment Tools + Recording of the Program on 10 CDs.


    UNDERSTANDING ROLE & CONTRIBUTING: Being a Contributive Leader, Position v/s Role, Qualities & Skills of Effective Leadership.

    LEADERSHIP: Its need in Changing Environment, Manager v/s Leader, Management-Leadership Continuum Definition & Profile of Leadership.

    LEADERSHIP MODELS: Unblocked Manager, Situational Leadership, Managerial Grid, etc.

    LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Delegating, Motivating, Coaching, Counseling, Developing, Team Building, Influencing, Finding Opportunities, Envisioning.

    TEAM BUILDING: Characteristics of Effective Teams.

    MANUAL: contains 7 Exercises, 30 OHP Masters, 1 Group Exercise, 3 Assessment Tools + Recording of the Program on 9 CDs + 2 Supporting Video films.


    BEING EFFECTIVE: Being an Effective & a Contributive person, Qualities & Skills of an Effective Person.


    COMMUNICATION: It’s importance, Communication Process & Barriers, Types of Communication, Listening Skills.

    TEAM WORK: Characteristics of a highly Effective Group.

    TIME MANAGEMENT: It’s importance, Life Planning, Steps in Managing Time, Eliminating Time Wasters, Handling Procrastination, Good habits.

    CREATIVITY: Understanding it & removing Mental Blocks to Creativity.

    PROBLEM SOLVING: Handling Fear of Failure, Steps in Decision Making.

    MANUAL: contains 9 Exercises, 4 Caselets/Role Plays, 2 Games, 35 OHP Masters, 1 Assessment Tool + Recording of the program on 13 + 4 Supporting Video film.

    COMMUNICATION SKILLS (Verbal, Written & Presentation Skills)

    COMMUNICATION: Its importance, Communication Process, Types of Barriers, Role of Perception, Types of Communication.

    LISTENING SKILLS: Listening Process, Do’s, Don’ts & Tips for Effective Listening.

    WRITING SKILLS: Developing Theme, Organizing Information, Writing Style & Tone, Letters, Memos & Reports, Types of Letters.

    PRESENTATION SKILLS: Essentials of Presentation, Self Confidence, Improving Memory, Preparing, Delivery, Platform Presence, Opening & Closing, Retaining Interest, 8 Steps.

    MANUAL: contains 10 Exercises, 5 Caselets, 5 Role Plays, 2 Games, 57 OHP Masters + Recording of the Program on 9 CDs + 2 Supporting Video films.


    PRE-PROGRAM WORK: Time Logging, List of things to be done.

    TIME MANAGEMENT: Its Nature & Characteristics, Importance & Benefits of Managing Time Effectively.

    7 STEPS FOR MANAGING TIME: Establishing Goals, Prioritizing, Logging Time, Eliminating Time Wasters, Delegating, Planning the use of Time & Changing Habits.

    TIPS, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES OF MANAGING TIME: Priority Matrix, Objectives & KRAs, Delegation, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Planning, Using Diary effectively, Avoiding Procrastination, Managing Meetings, Paper Management, etc.

    MANUAL: includes 11 Exercises, 37 OHP Masters + Recording of the Program on 9 CDs + 1 Supporting Video film.


    APPRAISALS: Importance, Functions & Uses of Appraisals, Benefits to Appraiser & Appraisee.

    3 ASPECTS: Conveying Expectations, Giving Feedback & Deciding Rewards.

    CONDUCTING APPRAISALS: 14 Tips for Appraising & Goal Setting.

    MANUAL: includes 2 Exercises, 4 Caselets, 2 Role Plays, 24 OHP Masters + 2 Supporting Video Films.


    Introduction to Personality Development, Communication Skills, Speaking Skills, Listening Skills, Observation Skills, Body language, Inter-personal Relations, Conflict Managemnt, Working in Teams, Basic Leadership Skills, Time Management, Planning Skills, Creative Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Self-Introduction & Hand Shake, Etiquettes & Grooming, Writing an Impressive Resume, Preparing for Interview & Appearing for Interview.

    MANUAL: includes 30 Exercises, 3 role Plays, 2 Assignments, 1 Psychometric Tool + 72 PPT Slides + 15 Supporting Video films + 200 Supporting Power Point Presentations


    A Computer Simulated Business Management Game for Pharma/Health Care Industry

    A business game developed to bring home the point that Sale is not a result of one factor but a result of a variety of factors like: Sampling, Gifts, Doctor + Chemist + Institution Coverage, Day & Month Planning, Training of Medical Reps, etc.

    MANUAL: includes Introduction to the Game, The mechanics of the Game, Case Study for the Game, Business Decision Forms for the Participants, Forms for Critique & Review Session, Floppy of the Program for Facilitator, OHP Masters.

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