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Today, the use of Psychometric Tools has become quite common. Organizations are increasingly using Psychometric & Assessment tools in their day-to-day HR activities. May it be Selection or Promotion or Training or even Counseling. The use of Assessment Tools has become wide and varied.

To compliment this trend Grey Cells© has compiled Assessment Tools in a Simple and Lucid manner, making them Fast, Effective and User Friendly. It gives all the instructional material you need to assess the candidates yourself. Each of the tool is backed by:

  • Theoretical Background
  • Questionnaire
  • Response/Answer Sheet
  • Scoring Key
  • & Interpretations.
  • The Tools compiled are:

    Managerial Effectiveness (11 Dimensions) Measures Strengths & Weaknesses on factors of: Self-management Competence, Personal Values, Personal Goals, Personal Development, Problem Solving Skills, Creativity, Influence, Managerial Insight, Supervisory Skills, Trainer Capability & Team Building Capacity.

    Managerial Style (5 Types) Profiles preferred Managerial Style on: High, Low or Medium on Task and Relation Orientation.

    Leadership Style (4 Types) Profiles preferred Leadership Style on: Telling, Selling, Directing or Delegating Style.

    Personality Type (16 Types) Profiles Personality using 8 factors i.e. Extroversion v/s Introversion, Intuitive v/s Sensing, Thinking v/s Feeling & Judgment v/s Perception.

    Salesman’s Aptitude (9 Types) Profiles Selling Style using 3 factors viz. Customer Focus, Company Focus & Product Focus.

    Sales Supervisor’s Aptitude (9 Types) Profiles Field Sales Supervision Style through Salesperson using 3 factors viz. Customer Focus, Company Focus & Product Focus.

    Supervisory Aptitude (10 Dimensions) Measures Strengths & Weaknesses on factors of: Command of Facts, Knowledge, Sensitivity, Analytical Skills, Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Resilience, Proactivity, Creativity, Agility & Learning Skills.

    Interpersonal Orientation (6 Dimensions) Profiles Basic Inter-personal Behavior on the factors of Social Need, Power Need & Care/Concern Need at Expressed & Wanted levels. vConflict Management (5 Types) Profiles preferred Style of resolving Conflicts on: Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Avoiding or Accommodating Style.

    Burnout Level (4 Dimensions) Measures the extent of Burnout using 4 factors: Job Content, Immediate Superior, Organization & On-the-whole.

    Stress Measurement (10 Dimensions) Measures Stress on: Adaptation, Frustration, Overload, Deprivation, Nutrition, Self-perception, Type-A, Anxious Reactivity, Control & Coping.

    General Ability Test – 1 (3 Dimensions) Measures ability on dimensions of: English Skills, Numerical Ability & Logic.

    General Ability Test – 2 (3 Dimensions) Measures ability on dimensions of: English Skills, Numerical Ability & Logic.

    Team Effectiveness (9 Dimensions) Measures Effectiveness of a Team’s Performance on Dimensions of: Clarity & Consensus of Goals, Openness & Confrontation, Support & Trust, Cooperation & Conflict, Procedures, Leadership, Review, Individual Development & Inter-Personal Relations.

    Transactional Analysis - Life Positions (4 Types) Profiles preferred Life Position in terms of Okness for: I am OK – You are OK, I am OK – You are not OK, I am not OK – You are OK & I am not OK – You are not OK.

    Transactional Analysis - Ego Gram (7 Types) Profiles Ego-Gram on seven Ego States: Critical Parent, Nurturing Parent, Adult, Natural (Free) Child, Adaptive Child, Rebellious Child & Little Professor (Creative Child).

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