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HRD Consultancy

Human Resource being most valuable needs to be organized effectively and utilized optimally. To help you attain this, we offer:

  • Organization Diagnostics & Development
  • Employee Morale/Satisfaction Survey
  • Preparation of Job & Role Descriptions
  • Competency Assessment
  • Training Consultancy
    Effective training improves organization’s overall health as well as serves as a cost saving device. We offer Training Consultancy for:
  • Training Needs Survey
  • Designing Training Systems & Policies
  • Management of Training function on Out-sourced basis
    Psychometric Assessments
    Psychometric Assessments always helps in making better decision about people. We conduct Psychometric Assessments for Pre-employment Assessments & Competency Assessments. The Tools used are:
  • Managerial Effectiveness, Managerial Style, Leadership Style, 16 Personality Types, Inter-personal Orientation, GATB, Conflict Mode, Sales Aptitude, Team Effectiveness, Burnout Level, Stress Measurement, Supervisory Aptitude, Life Position, Ego States.

    KNOW - A unique 3-factor Employee Satisfaction Survey

    The survey gives an opportunity to employees to express their views and give their feedback on various issues relating to them and the company. The objective of this survey is to identify employees’ perceptions about the organization and to communicate them to the management for appropriate actions. This will help the organization to focus its resources and actions on the important issues facing employees in their jobs and also in achieving its objectives. Overall the Survey focuses on 4 aspects of employees:
    K - Knowledge about Organization
    N - Needs
    O - Sense of Ownership
    W - Willingness to Contribute

  • To ‘KNOW’ from Employee’s Perspective the OD/HRD Initiatives required to create a better Sense of Belongingness to the Organization; To ‘KNOW’ (measure) the Brand Equity as Employer.
    ‘KNOW’ measures employees’ responses on 3 factors comprising of 33 attributes:
    1. Perception & Opinion Factors: 6 Attributes (Open ended questions)

  • Strengths & Weaknesses; Help & Hindrance; Problems & Solutions

    2. Satisfaction Factors: 18 Attributes (Rating on a 4-point scale)

  • On Confidence, Competence & Control: Self, Development, Career & Future
  • On Job content, Rewards, Performance & Role: Challenge, Rewards, Recognition, Role, Results & Workload
  • On Company & Culture: People, management, Culture, Company, Energy, Interest, Socialization, Autonomy

    3. Team Effectiveness & Leadership Factors: 9 Attributes (108 Close ended statements)

  • Clear Objectives; Openness; Support/Trust; Cooperation; Procedures; Leadership; Review; Development; Relation
    'KNOW' provides the following Indexes (Findings) on all 3 factors i.e. Perception & Opinion Factors, Emotional & Satisfaction Factors and Team Effectiveness & Leadership Factors:
  • Overall All India Indexes; SBU/Leader-wise; Location/Unit Head-wise; Function/Department/Function Headwise; Grade-wise – Staff, Executives, Managers, Top Management; Experience-wise - New v/s Old Employee; Age-wise - Young v/s Aged Employees; Sex-wise - Male v/s Female

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