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Effective training improves organization’s overall health as well as serves as a cost saving device.

We offer training on:

  • Leadership Development Program – includes psychometric assessment + preparation of Individual Development Plan and long-term support for implementation & improvement
  • Train The Trainer – Basic & Advanced Level Workshops for Certification of Trainers, on 7 topics
  • EXCEL – Managerial Effectiveness Program – A series of Skill Development Programs to enhance Managerial Effectiveness of both newly promoted and existing Managers For organizations to remain healthy, competitive and growing, the current scenario demands that the Managers & Team Leaders are competent enough not only to manage people & work but are also competent and empowered to motivate their team-members to excel in performance. Because of working in the same routine manner day-in & day-out, over a period of years, many Team Managers/Leaders require refreshing their skills. The COMPETENCY BUILDING PROGRAM aims at resolving these two issues.
  • Mini MBA – Management Education Program – A series of Functional Programs on Management Education to enhance General Management Skills of Managers on HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, etc.
  • MDPs, EDPs & SDPs – Stand-alone programs for Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Staff, etc. on various Soft Skills like: Communication (Verbal, Non-verbal, Written, Presentation), Inter-personal Relations, Conflict Management, Team Work, Leadership, Time Management, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Creativity, Problem-solving & Decision Making, Socializing, etc.
  • SELL-WELL – Program for Sales Team – Program for Sales Team – Various programs for the sales & service team like: Selling Skills, Behavioral aspects of Selling Skills, Soft Skills, SPIN Selling, etc.
  • SMART – Staff Development Program – A specially designed activity based program for Staff & Workers to enhance Personal Effectiveness